Choosing a lace front wig is essential for the most natural look with wigs! These wigs are so natural looking that celebrities initially used them in Hollywood to give actors & actresses an undetectable style to fit the best acting role. After that, many people began to wear lace fronts for daily wear! 

We have a large selection of lace wigs for women of any ethnicity. Our lace front wigs for women are fabulous and trendy; women can wear these for a pretty & natural look. 

We love lace fronts for many causes, from their high grade to styling flexibility. People also wear them for many reasons, from hair loss due to alopecia, other diseases, cancer treatments, medications & fabulous fashion! It is important to us that we give the best education & variety possible so that you are knowledgeable & informed before choosing the best wig for you!

Features & Benefits of Different Wig Caps & Lace Frontal:

Various cap designs focus on providing the wearer one many various benefits: from the added volume at the entire crown, multi-directional hair parting, a more natural hairline, natural hair growth patterns/even scalp cooling & comfort. Some caps combine two/more of these benefits in one wig design! 

Lace front wigs aren't the cause of damage to the hair along your hairline. Thinning hair may occur with improper lace front wig application, removal & poor edge care rituals when wearing your wig. Our natural hairline contains delicate strands that are not as flexible or rich with the same degree of elasticity as the other natural hairs on our heads. 

Therefore, any hair damage you have been experiencing while wearing a lace front wig often has more to do with your application, removal & wig care practices than the wig itself! 

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