Are you looking for wigs that look natural? There are no greater options than heat-stylable wig types. Imagine how many styling options you can have with the wig that is just like your natural hair.

Make your hair dream a reality by shopping at Wig.Com®, which offers 3 heat-stylable wigs: Human hair, Futura Fiber, and VersaFiber wigs.

Never heard of them? It's all good! This blog covers everything you wish to understand to guide you to match wigs perfectly with your style and needs.

Here you go; scroll through to learn more about these 3 heat-stylable wig types!

1.    Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wig Types

Human hair wigs are popular heat-stylable wig types. Just like you heat-style your hair, the human hair wigs offer the same styling options.

Each brand has a different quality human hair wig, so if you are worried about the quality of the wigs, the Human Hair Wigs by Wig.Com® are made of premium quality hair that can be heat curled, straightened, and blow-dried. You can also custom cut or color them just like your own hair.

2.  VersaFiber® Wigs

VersaFiber Wigs

Synthetic wigs can now be heat-styled, and you can add a personal touch to your style. Yes, that's right, you can use heat-styling tools like straighteners or 3-barrel curling iron for that chic beach mermaid curls.

Are you looking for a wig that is easy on your wallet and offers different styling options? If you are into a shoulder-length bob, check out Isabella VersaFiber® Wig by Paula Young® from Wig.Com®, which can be heat-styled up to 350°F.

The VersaFiber® Wigs might be the wig types you are looking for! With this wig type, You can do any styles you have in mind to suit your style and mood.

To extend your wigs' life, always apply heat protectant as you would for your natural hair.

3.     Futura® Fiber Wigs

Futura Fiber Wig Types

Are you looking for high heat-resistance African American wigs? Futura® Fiber Wigs is definitely for you, offering heat styling up to 350°F. Many great options of heat-friendly wigs are available in various styles, from pixie cuts to long hair, for you to choose from.

For instance, the Constance Wig by Especially Yours® from Wig.Com® is the perfect blend of 70% heat-stylable Futura® and 30 easy-care synthetic fibers. It means whether you style it straight or curl it, it holds the style till you change it to another style.


Your choice is valid whether you are on a human hair wig team or a synthetic wig team. It is just a difference of personal taste.

Choose the heat-stylable wig types that work best for your style and make you feel most comfortable and confident while wearing them.

Are you looking forward to trying out the style you have in mind? Find your heat-friendly wigs at Wig.Com®.

Their wigs have withstood the test of time and heat, so you will always be satisfied with your wig investments.